mariahMariah Cajuste – Haynes is originally from Montreal, Canada where she enjoyed middle class life provided by hardworking parents who ensured she focused on her studies. By the time she was 12 years old, her Carribean parents could no longer tolerate the cold weather and decided to move as far south as possible without leaving the continent. This move landed her in sunny Delray Beach, Florida.

Her parents were devout and passionate in their religious beliefs; her father a strict Catholic, and her mother a Pentecostal Holiness Missionary.

Mariah attended Cumberland College, a private Baptist institution, and obtained her Bachelor of Science in Business Management and Finance with a minor in Communications and continued her education achieving a Master of Business in International Business and Entrepreneurship from Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

During her undergraduate sophomore year, Mariah, a devout Catholic, was invited by her Resident Advisor to attend a revival where she dedicated her life to Christ and was baptized later that same year. That decision changed the course of her life, informs her world view and she has been growing in her faith ever since. In her early career, Mariah was a driven entrepreneur acting as owner and operator of two small service businesses.

Her efforts yielded a Micro Business Award of Entrepreneur of Year from Delray Beach City Hall. She was also very involved in her church and the community and contributed to other organizations by teaching computer classes to immigrants and the elderly. Among her many other social endeavors she was also a founding member of the Delray Beach R.A.C.E. program, a municipal task force created to advise the Mayor’s Office about issues concerning cultural competence as it relates to community relations.

In 2007, she relocated to the suburbs of the Boston, Massachusetts area where she currently has a prominent career in the field of Human Resources Learning and Development. She continues to maintain heavy involvement in her community in the areas of race relations, community development, micro-business development and sustainability, and non-profit and faith-based program engagement.

Mariah is a free thinker, world traveler and a proud mother who prides herself in standing up for social justice and bettering her community.

Her latest book due in September is a Non-fiction Christ-based commentary comparing the juxtaposition of faith, politics, and national current affairs.


Mariah Cajuste

Mariah Cajuste- has her MBA in International Business and Entrepreneurship from NOVA Southeast University in Lauderdale, FL. She relocated to Boston, Ma in 2007 to further her carrer in Corporate training. Mariah prides herself in standing up for social justice and bettering her community