Surviving a New England Winter


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Surviving a New England Winter


This is book is a humorous tales of my real life winter faux pas. I have always wanted someone to just give me a survival book being a beach bunny I had no idea how to survive my first few winters up north. So being the solutions driven person that I am I wrote one.

You will laugh all the way through the end and acquire some practical tips on how to survive a New England winter.

Here is an excerpt.

“On December 10th 2007, I set out to go to work on the first day of a winter storm. As I got comfortable in my car and turned on the ignition to drive off out I could not see out of the rear and front windshield nor my windows. My view was quite distorted from all angles. I turned on the windshield wiper and still, I could not see. I then squirted a little bit of windshield washer fluid and continued with the wiper and it seemed to make it worse.

I stepped out and went to investigate up close and personal. I gently knocked on the exterior of my windshield with my nails and I discovered a healthy coat of ice on the glass. Upon further investigation it seems that all of the windows were covered with ice. Great my first day of work occurs with a freezing rain winter storm.

I started to develop a minor level of anxiety. I immediately went through the rental car and I found a small scraper like thing. So I began scraper the windshield, then the rear windshield and all of my other windows. My fingers were growing colder and more ridged by the minute to the point that I couldn’t feel my pinky finger.

Finally, I have scrapped enough to see out of the front windshield. By now I knew that I’m running late for my first day at work. I finally set out to go to work about 20 minutes after scraping. This brings me to why I came out with this quick, comprehensive guide on how to survive a New England Winter.

I hope you can appreciate the upcoming pages which are packed with helpful hints, tips and tricks for a healthy living in the winter.”